Make BP Pay

Wednesday is the one-year memorial of BP’s Drilling Disaster. The Gulf is still suffering and BP hasn’t cleaned up it’s mess or paid up. It’s time for President Obama to stand up to big polluters and make BP pay!

On Wednesday, we’re organizing flash-mobs at BP stations nationwide. We will creatively, nonviolently disrupt business as usual at BP locations on the anniversary of the start of the worst oil disaster in US history — and then tell our story with great photos and videos afterward.

1. Register your event: Create a Facebook event for your flashmob and use the sign-up tool below or text BP to 228466 to put your action on the map!

2. Make a plan: Pick a BP station near you, and a agree on a meeting time and place with a group of friends. Agree on how you’d like to make your voices heard on Wednesday.

3. Get the materials you need: Print the signs and fliers from this site, then find your props, and cameras to record the event. Make sure someone in your group agrees to bottom-line bringing each of these to your event.

4. Spread the word: Post fliers in your school or community, make a Facebook event, Tweet about it, call or send an advisory to local media outlets — do whatever you need to do to get a big crowd for your event. Here's a sample press release you can use.

5. DO IT! Have a great time.

6. Tell the world: Take great video and photos, and send them to [email protected]. Post them on Flickr and Youtube with the tag MakeBPPay and share them with friends, family, press and community. Tweet your event with the hashtags #powershift and #makebppay

Add Your Event to the Map

Online Flashmob

If you can’t join a flashmob in person, join one online!

This afternoon Facebook is hosting a townhall with President Obama — let’s flood the townhall with questions on how President Obama is holding BP accountable for their mess.

The online townhall starts at 4:45 ET, but submit your question now. Write it on the wall now, and then tune in later this afternoon.

Sample Questions

  1. One-year into the BP Drilling Disaster, oil is still washing up on shore, and the Gulf is still suffering - how will you hold BP accountable for paying for the full clean up and restoration of the Gulf?
  2. One-year into the BP Drilling Disaster, and BP and Big Oil continue to receive massive government handouts - how will you break the stranglehold Big Oil has on our political system and shift these handouts to clean energy investments?