July 8, 2011

Al Sharpton, Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-3), God & Oil Subsidies

Last week members of the Dirty Energy Money Campaign encouraged their supporters to attend a town hall meeting hosted by Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-3) to question him about his continued support for taxpayer handouts to Big Oil. His defense of this outrageous use of taxpayer money was filmed and reported on by Think Progress, who reported that he and his family have large personal investments in companies owned by Exxon which is one of the beneficiaries of these wasteful subsidies. When Rev. Al Sharpton reported this on MSNBC, Kelly's office had this to say:

Mike believes that with God all things are possible. Mike feels very blessed that both his family and his wife’s family have achieved success after decades of hard work, personal sacrifice, and significant adversity. By the grace of God and through the hard work of many, the Kellys have achieved the American Dream.