April 28, 2011

Ameren Protest

One week ago, shortly after coming back home from Powershift, I found myself protesting against Ameren's Board of Trustees at Powell Symphony Hall. There were signs, chants, and honks of support for us protesting against Nuclear Power.   Ameren wants to build a nuclear powerplant that will cost over $10 billion dollars. Currently they are trying to pass Senate Bill 48, a bill that will tax Callaway County for the payment of the Nuclear Power Plant's early site permit. A permit that will cost $45 million dollars that Ameren wants to come from tax payers. Note, no nuclear power plant is being built yet, but Ameren wants Callaway County to pay for something that will not be there for the next several years.

I do not know all the exact facts, but coming from Powershift empowered me to voice out against dirty energy any chance I got.   Read More about it here :

Here are some news release that don't make me to happy: