October 2, 2012

Day 2: Minisink, NY Residents Continue Compressor Station Battle

Join us again tomorrow at 90 Jacobs Rd., Minisink, NY at 7am and throughout the day. This is a family friendly event. Children and dogs are encouraged and can remain on the neighboring property owners' land if safety requires it. Call me at 570-269-9589 if you need help finding us. For additional updates, photos, and video, check out the Stop the Minisink Compressior Station page on Facebook.

Minisink NY residents, including 9/11 first responders suffering from lung disorders and their families, returned to Jacobs Road for the second day today to confront the construction of Millenium Pipeline's proposed natural gas compressor station that would spew 61,000 tons of volatile organic compounds and other pollutants into the air each year.

One young woman was arrested by Orange County sheriff deputies and New York State Police while blocking the construction entrance to stall the delivery of heavy equipment to the site. A father also climbed aboard a flatbed trailer and took a seat in the heavy roller, halting the delivery, while sporting his Stop the Minisink Compressor t-shirt. He was not arrested, but every minute that machine is offline counts!

Pictures from Stop the Minisink Compressior Station page on Facebook and video from YouTube user wemust2010.