October 24, 2018

Election 2018: Get involved!

VOTE with the youth climate justice movement!

Young people are changing what's possible in this country. From the March for Our Lives, to the DREAMers, to Black Lives Matter, to #MeToo, the past few years have seen millions of young people across the nation stepping up to take action in our communities and in our political system. We need to make sure this wave of youth action rolls all the way to the voting booth, and beyond. 
Take action with climate justice youth: Here are a number of ways young people can get involved with climate-focused election projects happening all over the country.

11/2 UPDATE: We're also highlighting the work of Environmental Justice organizations in and outside Power Shift Network doing GOTV work in local communities to continue highlight the many types of organizations engaging in electoral work and committed building power after Election Day has come and gone! 

  1. Organize Florida Education Fund (Florida) - Contact: michelle AT organizeflorida DOT org 
  2. Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (TEJAS) - Houston, TX -  Follow TEJAS In Action
  3. Environmental Health Coalition - San Diego, CA -  Voter guide and volunteer opportunities
  4. Organizing People Activating Leaders (OPAL) - Portland Clean Energy Initiatives - Oregon-  Click through for Volunteer Opportunities!
  5. California Environmental Justice Alliance - California - CA Environmental Justice Voter Guide
  6. Communities for a Better Environment - Oakland, CA- For more info on GOTV in EJ communities contact: esther AT cbecal DOT org
  7. Front and Centered Washington - Washington-  Volunteer for GOTV events


Future Coalition

Youth-led organizations across issues, organizations, and communities are coming together for a collaborative get out the vote effort, culminating in a historic Walkout to Vote on election day.
- As a collective coalition, we are asking students to walkout of school on election day and head to the polls to cast their vote. We are inviting students of any age, including those under 18, to participate in the walkout and go along to cheer each other on as those eligible vote. This isn’t just a walkout from something, it’s a walkout to something. You can join in the walkout here or make calls with us here.

Contact Katie (Katie@50milesmore.org) or Rose (rosey.strauss@gmail.com) if you have questions or if you’d like more information!

Alliance for Climate Education- Our Climate Our Vote

Election day is quickly approaching and young people are now the largest potential voting block. And, Generation Z is the most connected generation ever! Ready to turn your vote into hundreds? The concept is simple: Use our tools to ask your family and friends to vote for climate at the polls on November 6. You control the message, and we make it easy. Ready to elect leaders who will fight for OUR future - not big polluters? Text VOTE to 64336 to join.

Contact Maayan (maayan@acespace.org ) and/or Leah (leah@acespace.org) if you have questions or want more information!

Vote Mob fellow program

The Vote Mob fellow program is a civic engagement program from now through November. It is run like Student Power Network and comes out of an ignite model. A stipend is provided ($500/mo), and the specific work can be focused on whatever each fellow’s interest or current campus work looks like (either statewide races or ballot initiatives). It is expected that fellows do about 10 hours of work per week or 20 pledges before voter registration deadline, and one event during GOTV.
Contact Joshua (jrvincent@me.com) and Ariel (arielivette.sepulveda@gmail.com) if you have questions or if you’d like more information!

The Sunrise Movement

Sunrise is building an army of young people to kick fossil-fueled politicians out of office and replace them with real leaders who'll protect our generation's future. We've contacted over 150,000 voters this election cycle and registered thousands of first-time voters. Sunrise has been working hard on voter registration in MN, MI, FL, NY, and PA. We have just one week to go. Can you sign up to make calls for one hour in the next 6 days?  Sign up to volunteer with Sunrise at bit.ly/smashthevote. For more information contact stephen@sunrisemovement.org

Campus Vote Project

Are you a college student who wants to make sure that fellow students are aware of what’s happening this election? Want to help make your campus more election-friendly? Campus Vote Project has put together a Student Engagement Handbook that can help you do just that! Help students on your campus come up with a plan to vote, learn about the issues, and even register to vote (so long as the deadline hasn’t passed in your state). Download the handbook by clicking the link!

Global Exchange

Global Exchange is hosting a series of “town-hall” style webinars titled "Why We Rise." These will highlight various issues that play a role in the midterm elections. The webinars will happen on Thursdays at 5 pm EST. Contact Marco at marco@globalexchange.com with questions or if you’d like more information!

People’s Climate Movement

For the first time, PCM is dedicating effort and resources towards three ballot initiatives happening across the US:

NextGen America

NextGen America is turning out the youth vote in key states across the country--and would love to have you plug in to our GOTV effots. To text with us, click NextGenAmerica.org/textblue. For canvasing and in-person events, visit NextGenAmerica.org/event-finder

350 Action 

From the streets to the ballot box, 350 Action is fighting for progressive climate champions who are willing to stand up for climate justice, good green jobs, just immigration policies, healthcare for all, and human rights.

350 Action is working to get out the vote for climate champions and key ballot measures. Here’s how you can get involved.

1. Sign the climate voter pledge: https://350action.org/
2. Join a remote phone and/org text banking team: http://act.350.org/signup/2018-gotv
3. Join a canvass near your during the crucial Last Weekend before the election:  https://thelastweekend.org/350Action

Non-profit guide to elections:
Finally, this election season, keep this handy guide close at hand: Election Checklist- what 501(c)(3)s can and can’t do for election advocacy.