April 10, 2012

Florida climate activists are taking a stand this election year

This blog has been cross-posted from the Southern Energy Network blog.

Are you registered to vote?

That’s the question that we will be hearing all over Florida’s college campuses and communities from now until October, as we kick off our electoral engagement work here in the Sunshine State. This year, Florida leaders will be some of the first youth climate leaders to engage in the 2012 election – and we are more excited, engaged, and ready than ever. Just this weekend, students from all over the state gathered in Orlando to strategize and plan to get our message across to our elected leaders and politicians: we demand bold action to address climate change NOW.

There is a lot at stake this year. Global temperatures are increasing, dirty energy corporations have a hold on our democracy, and our elected leaders are denying science. The current Congress has received over $3,000,000 from oil and coal companies. Coincidence? I think not. We've got to take a stand, and stop dirty energy from taking over our democracy. 

If this movement is going to continue building momentum and winning incredible victories, we must raise our voices in the coming months. When was the last time you heard President Obama or Mitt Romney talking about climate change? They seem to have forgotten the power of the youth climate movement and how much our votes matter. We must take action and hold these politicians, and their dirty energy counterparts, accountable. 

This election year, Florida students are making sure that thousands of the Millennials are registered to vote – not only because 51% of all youth eligible to vote are not registered, but because our generation understands what the impacts of climate change will mean for our future, and we need to turn out to the polls to make sure our leaders understand this too. Not only will we be turning out young voters in record numbers, but we will also be ready to meet them with our message of a 100% clean energy future when they come to our communities on the campaign trail.

So get registered, and take action! This April, join hundreds of activists across the Southeast and Stand With The Gulf on the 2 year anniversary of the BP Oil Spill – black out your Facebook pictures, take the pledge to reduce your dependence on oil, and demand that our elected officials do the same for this country.  

Together, we will win back the climate.