October 25, 2012

Get Your Free "Climate Voter" Button!

It’s official: this was the first series of presidential debates to not address climate change since 1988. But the climate silence doesn’t mean it’s time to give up hope, it means it’s time to get to work.

With under 12 days to go, young people across the country are gearing up to make sure our demands for climate action are heard on Election Day.

We need hundreds of volunteers to help with this massive Get Out The Vote effort.

Sign up to volunteer in the final push and we’ll send you a free Climate Voter button to wear to the polls!

Receiving a personal phone call makes a huge difference in whether a person turns out at the polls, so next week we are organizing a nationwide distributed phone bank to call every young climate voter we’ve talked to this year.

Can you join us? Click here if you’re able to make some calls next week and we’ll get you plugged in (and send you a Climate Voter button too).