June 29, 2012

The Importance of Community

One of the principles of Summer of Solutions is to think critically, and that is something I certainly did during launch week. Our group started off the day by getting to know each other in a fun and unique way.

We all drew a picture of how we imagined the world, and we wrote one sentence to sum up the way we thought about the world. It made me realize we are only on earth for a relatively short period of time.

I thought about how important my community was to me growing up and how it has helped shape who I am now. I remember the aesthetics of my neighborhood in Chandler, Arizona. The neighborhood landscape was a perfect environment for all the kids to play safely. All of my neighbors on the block seemed to be connected. Together, the neighborhood was more like a family.

Chandler is a suburb of the Phoenix area. The streets and freeways are easy to drive on, the schools in the area were excellent and the weather was beautiful year round. New restaurants, businesses, stores and homes were continually being built.

Though every neighborhood is different, I want to give others the opportunity to live in a community similar to mine. There was a positive vibe that made it easy for me to stay out of trouble, meet friends, succeed in school, and find my passions in life. I believe someone’s childhood experience forms the way they see the world, and a positive/healthy/friendly community is what will make peoples lives all the more satisfying.

I believe every positive action, no matter how small, is important to contributing to the main goal. Our goal is improving the community and with strong principles such as collaboration and critical thinking, all the “little” things we do will add up to a significant change that will not go unnoticed. All aspects of my community have made a lasting impression on me.

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