October 14, 2011

Let's See Your Best Touchdown Dance

What do flashmobs, football and coal have in common? Well, nothing really… unless you were on Lowry Mall yesterday afternoon at Mizzou.

At exactly 12:21pm, nearly 50 students in bright yellow Beyond Coal t-shirts showed off their best touchdown victory dances in front of a giant hand-made football goal post in the heart of campus. At the sound of “Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuumble,” the students and several alumni danced their butts off in the name of clean air.

It's Mizzou's 100th Homecoming week, so the idea was to raise Coal Free Mizzou's visibility and get people excited about the game by promoting clean air. “Better Air. Better Football. Better Mizzou.” was painted on the banner held in the background of the flashmob along with other posters demanding clean air and clean energy.

“As a Mizzou athlete, I need clean air to breathe when I’m walking around campus everyday for me to be my best. I do a lot to prepare myself for competitions including training, eating right and getting enough sleep because I know everything that goes into my body affects my performance. If I’m breathing dirty air from a coal-fired plant on campus it affects my lungs, my breathing, my health and my performance.  What’s bad for me as an athlete is bad for everyone at Mizzou, which is why we need to move beyond coal to cleaner, healthier energy sources,” said Alex Rather, a rower for Mizzou and recent addition to the Coal Free Mizzou team.

Photo credit: Harry Katz