November 2, 2011

Midwest Power Shift: A Week Later

Just two weekends ago, the feelings of solidarity and revolution were tangible. We came to Cleveland not only to share our struggles and our grievances with the current state of society, but also to search for solutions and support from one another. Though we have lots to accomplish, through working together and demanding the change that we so deserve, we really can move towards a cleaner future, one where the voice of every single person is heard and taken into consideration.

The world we have inherited from our parents is one of greed and corruption. For years large corporations have been marginalizing the people and the planet, all in the name of profit. We have all heard countless stories of the devastation caused by these policies, and seen the effects that dirty energy sources have wrought upon the earth that we so love. We went to Cleveland because we realize that this mindset must change. We realize that we must move towards a more sustainable future.

In finding solutions to these seemingly insurmountable challenges, we must recognize the united power of the youth. We must recognize these collective goals that we share, whether it be stopping Keystone XL, pressuring local governments to place bans on fracking, or moving our universities away from dirty energy sources. And once we recognize these collective goals, we must realize the power that we all possess.

We all have the capacity to make change at our universities. But more importantly, we all have the capacity to demand change for the country. Throughout the country, our voices need to be heard as we fight for justice for the people and justice for the planet. It is a long road ahead of us, filled with obstacles in the name of corporate greed and people’s apathy, but together we really can accomplish something.

It is definitely an adjustment to be back in St. Louis, where many people do not hold the same views about demanding change and fighting for justice for the people and the planet. This makes me more cognizant of the fact that it really is necessary to not only spread the word, but also to make these people aware of the issues facing our nation, so that they too may join us in asking for change.

This upcoming weekend, we have a real opportunity for our voices to be heard. Let us go to Washington D.C. and encircle the White House to remind the politicians of why we elected them to office. We cannot afford the Keystone XL Pipeline to be built. Instead we need to find renewable energy sources, ones that do not compromise the health of the climate for current and future generations. Join me this weekend in D.C. and tell Obama why Keystone XL is not a good idea!