September 20, 2012

National Kickoff Day: Lesson Learned

Thus far the three of us working on the Power Vote campaign at UNC have been stuck behind a wall of uncertainty behind the messaging and appropriate method of delivery for Power Vote. Today, we struck out, hit this "wall," but realized that we ready to climb over it. We are looking at the rest of this week and National Voter Registration Day of Action next Tuesday to redeem our short comings. We have a renewed attitude and new ideas of how to get the message of Power Vote across to the students of UNC. We hope to build off the following slogan: VOTE because we are the future and VOTE for clean energy because clean energy is the future. Using this message, and more specific information about how this election will impact our future, we hope to be proactive in educating students, and getting some on board with the campaign.

With that said, we are beginning to plan for next week to make up for today.