January 10, 2012

Obama: EPA's Mission Is Critical, Young People Get It

Today President Obama scooted over to the EPA to thank all of the employees there for their work over the last three years, especially their ass-kicking work on the new toxic mercury standards. When he got there, he told all of the EPA employees that he sees young people, including his own daughters, as "much more attuned" to environmental issues than he was when he was growing up. He says that young people's "instincts are right" and that the decisions the EPA is making right now will "have an impact on their lives for years to come." Um, well... we agree! Thanks for the shout-out, Mr. President!

Here is President Obama's full quote to the EPA about young people:

And I have to tell you that part of why I get excited when I see some of the work that you’re doing is because our next generation is so much more attuned to these issues than I was when I was growing up. I can tell you when I sit down and I talk to my kids, probably the area where they have the most sophisticated understanding of policy is when it comes to the environment. They understand that the decisions we make now are going to have an impact on their lives for many years to come. And their instincts are right. So your mission is vital.