May 3, 2012

If Gov. Cuomo Wants To Be a Leader to the Youth Vote, He Must Ban Fracking

This past week Governor Cuomo heard loud and clear that if he wants to be a leader to the youth vote, he needs to ban facking and lead towards a clean energy economy. That message was in headlines and newsclips across the state following Power Shift New York's March for a Green Economy.

On the Monday following Power Shift New York, the Green Umbrella organized a march and rally to call on Governor Cuomo to ban fracking and lead ambiitiously towards a green economy. We held a mock wedding between Big Oil & Gas (the groom) and Government (the bride) to speak to the need to break up the unholy matrimony between the fossil fuel industry and dirty politicians.

We marched to the Capitol to deliver Governor Cuomo a letter from a national alliance of 18 youth vote and environmental organizations that clearly states that young people are rising to the occasion to ban fracking, and that if Governor Cuomo wants to be a leader to the youth vote, he should join us and ban fracking. With speculation that Governor Cuomo has national aspiration in 2016, and youth vote leaders on CBS, NBC, Fox, NPR, the Associated Press and more, we're pretty sure our message is getting across.