July 7, 2016

Smart Grid - The Ultimate Solution of Green Energy!

The power industry is going towards the Green Energy. The energy economy is also moving towards the clean energy. Together we are dreaming for a greener world. This can only be possible if we can make the energy production in a way where the pollution is less or there is almost no pollution.

Smart Grid is the next generation of power grid which can contribute huge in the field of Green energy. Using Smart Grid, users can use the energy effeciently. In Smart Grid, the communicaiton of information is a two way communication. Which means the Control Center will gather the energy consumption information and the users will also get the spot pricing information of the energy in real time. Which can make the energy consumption efficient.

Suppose you have a wasing machine in your house and you want to wash some clothes. But there is no specific time in a day when you want the cloth to be washed. Let us assume, the price at 9 am in the morning is higher than the price at 2 pm. So, if you can program your washing machine in such a way that your washing machine will start at 2 pm, then you can save money and can use the energy effeciently.

Another important part of Smar Grid is the solar energy. In a smart grid environment, each and every home will use solar energy and they will use the solar power when the price is higher or they have enough solar power to meet the deamand of the house. After fulfilling the demand, the producer will also send some solar energy to the grid. They call them prosumer. Producer and consumer at the same time. As there is no carbon emission in solar energy, this is green energy and can build a clean energy economy. So, solar energy installation can change the energy industry.

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