July 26, 2012

Sound the alarm, #ClimateSOS

At Power Shift 2011, Tim DeChristopher issued a challenge to the youth climate movement: could we organize strategic mass mobilizations and use our bodies and determination to stop the fossil fuel industry?

This summer, amidst extreme weather and intensifying global warming, we’re about to find out. Starting today, young people are assembling in all corners of the country to help move that vision toward reality.

From Appalachia to the Northern Plains, to Texas and Washington, DC, we’re working with young people and community organizations who are launching a surge of direct actions that take the fossil fuel industry head on.

Each of these actions has a different focus, from stopping mountaintop removal to halting the frack attack, but together they form a Summer of Solidaritya nationwide escalation against the injustices of fossil fuel extraction; a citizen uprising squarely confronting the culprits of the climate crisis.

Find out more about the Summer of Solidarity, and share this photo to spread the word about these critical actions.

Whether you can make it to one of the actions, or are ready to stand in support with online solidarity actions and donations, share this image to sound the alarm.

With fall around the corner, it’s time to kick it back into gear to support these major actions, and get ready to bring the action home to campuses and communities this fall. Today also marks the one year anniversary of Tim DeChristopher being sent to jail. Let’s take up Tim’s challenge and get out there with courage, determination, joy and resolve.