October 27, 2011

SSREC is almost here y'all!!

SSREC 2011 is almost here! In less than 2 weeks, November 4-6, hundreds of youth from across the Southeast will come together in Asheville, NC for the Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference. SSREC will take place exactly a year from the 2012 Presidential Campaign, so now more than ever, we need grassroots leaders to step up and take a stand for clean energy and climate justice. At the SSREC, we will come together to learn the skills we need to make that happen. Over 300 students will be making plans for clean energy campaigns to call on Obama to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, but more importantly to show collective power for clean energy, not just a candidate.

At SSREC, students will get to hear speakers, attend workshops that discuss the issues, and the solutions, meet other students, and strengthen their campaigns. The one thing I'm most excited about is our state breakout! Not only will I get to hang out and reconnect with friends from all over the state, but we will come up with an awesome plan of action for our network. I also hear that there might be a dance party to top Midwest Power Shift!

North Carolina couldn't be a better place for SSREC. The Democratic National Convention will also be taking place in North Carolina in 2012, so young people from across the Southeast will start rallying early. On the last day, November 6th, the same day of the Tar Sands Action, we will hit the streets in solidarity. We will march, chant, and rally to sto Keystone XL!

See you in Asheville!