November 9, 2011

SSREC Marches Against The Keystone XL

Hailey Hawkins, a Mississippi fellow, writes about her experience at SSREC and the rally. 

SSREC 2011 maybe over, but the momentum certainly is not! On the last day of SSREC, over 200 students from all over the Southeast joined forces and hit the streets of Asheville, NC to stand in solidarity against the Keystone XL pipeline! This march  extended entire city blocks, with stops in front of Bank of America and The Royal Bank of Canada.

This being my first march EVER, it was without a doubt the most inspiring/amazing/rejuvenating thing I have ever taken part in! I have never experience anything like it! Being surrounded by 200 other students who feel as passionately as I do about the environment was breathtaking! I could feel the energy around me, rising up from all of our spirits.  My descriptions of the march are not even doing it justice. It was simply life-changing!

On our way home back to Mississippi, I ask Cary Lindsay, a Mississippi State University student and MASSAction Team Leader, what she thought about the conference as a whole.  She said, ” I’ve never been so hopefully for the future of our environment as I am after spending a weekend with the best students the Southeast has offer.

I also asked Jessica Dealy, an MSU graduate student and MASS Action Team Leader, the same questions. She said, “Being from the South, it is very inspiring to see that there are other residences here that are very passionate and interested about the technology and the policies needed to take us from the last area to embrace clean energy, and put us on the same playing field with the rest of the United States.


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This was originally written in the Campus Clean Energy blog. You can read more about Mississippi and Tennessee!