July 5, 2012

#StopMTR: join today's Mountain Mobilization Day of Social Media Outreach

It’s time to escalate our resistance.

This summer young people and community organizations are stepping up the fight against mountaintop removal with a major Mountain Mobilization in West Virginia, July 25 - August 1. Organized by the RAMPS Campaign, the mobilization will bring hundreds together in nonviolent direct action — occupying a strip mine to do what politicians, regulators, and the courts have been unwilling to do: defend the land and the people.

We’re counting on you to help get the word out by joining today’s Mountain Mobilization Day of Social Media Outreach! Please share the call to action on Facebook and Twitter so that we can reach friends, family, coworkers, and beyond.

Here’s some sample language you can use to spread the word:

Sample Facebook Post

Share the photo above, or one of these others: People are coming together to do what the politicians, the regulators, and the courts have been unwilling to do; to defend the land and the people; to stop mountaintop removal! http://on.fb.me/LQ0h2y

Sample Tweet

Share on Twitter: This will be epic. @RAMPSWV is hosting a mass mobilization to shut down a mountaintop removal site http://on.fb.me/LQ0h2y #stopMTR #powershift

Mountain Mobilization is a step toward the vision of ending mountaintop removal and moving into our post-coal future. We hope you’ll help in reaching out to others to join us in this fight!

You’re also invited: Twitter Mountain Protection Party

From 6-7:30pm EST we will also be having a concentrated burst of activity on Twitter. You’re welcome to join in by using and following the #stopmtr hashtag! This will be interactive, so get ready for some great and thoughtful bite-sized conversation.

For more info on the action, and many more sample tweets and facebook photos, check out the Social Media Promo Day Cheat Sheet!