August 2, 2012

Summer of Solidarity: Demand justice in the coalfields

Last Saturday was one of those days that reminds me why I’m in this movement. Across the nation, we saw people standing up to to the fossil fuel industry in big and beautiful ways.

In DC, 5000 people rallied to Stop The Frack Attack, while in West Virginia protesters occupied a strip mine to demand an end to mountaintop removal mining. Meanwhile, in Texas and Montana, youth organizers are getting ready to once again take Keystone XL and Big Coal head on. Together we’re forming a massive wave of action against the devastation of fossil fuels and confronting the culprits of the climate crisis.

Saturday’s Mountain Mobilization shut down the largest mountaintop removal coal mine in the state, and called for an end to this criminal practice. But while this action may be over, the fight is still raging, and people in West Virginia need our support.

Dustin Steele, one of the 20 activists arrested in at the Mountain Mobilization, was brutally beaten by police while in custody. Dustin was finally released yesterday, but 19 people are still being held in jail on an outrageously high bail of $25,000 each.

Today, along with the Mountain Mobilization organizers and CREDO Action we’re calling on US Attorney Booth Goodwin to launch an investigation into police misconduct and ensure that the protesters are treated fairly.

Stand with Dustin and the Mountain Mobilization: Call on U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin to launch an investigation into police misconduct and ensure fair treatment for the protesters.

Despite being in jail for 4 days, after being released Dustin issued a statement that demonstrates his determination and resolve.

“While the State Police in conjunction with the coal companies tried to break our spirit and our resistance by using violence to quell the fire of our movement, this attempt has failed. My desire to struggle and organize for the future of the people and environment in West Virginia has never been stronger and, just like my grandfather fought with all of his allies, I will continue to fight for an end of mountaintop removal for the future generations of this state.” - Dustin Steele.

Join Dustin’s call to action and demand justice in the coalfields: