June 28, 2012

Surviving with Solar in West Bengal

In search of local solutions to climate change, S4S Team India weaved its way trough Laxmikantapur, a small village in West Bengal. People in this village depend heavily on agriculture for their livelihoods. The village remains to be electrified by the government of India, and the majority of villagers have traditionally been using kerosene for lighting, as well as cooking, a practice that can prove hazardous to human health. But, this is quickly changing. With the help of grassroots organizations like Onergy, many people in Laxmikantapur have already benefited from switching to solar. ‘Surviving with Solar’ explores rural life in Laxmikantapur, and how solar energy has improved the lives and incomes of its inhabitants. With over 80,000 villages in India yet to be electrified, the film elucidates how off-grid, small scale solar energy is an eco-friendly solution for survival.

This blog was cross-posted from www.projectsurvivalmedia.org and written by Ritu Bhardwaj.