September 18, 2013

Today is Divestment Double Down Day!

(meme by Allyse Heartwell / Fossil Free)

About a month ago, we started to get out the word about a social media experiment - what if we took one day to double the size of dozens of divestment facebook pages? And here we are: Today is that day - Sep 18th - Divestment Double Down Day!
Please take a moment to visit your campus' divest campaign's facebook page, and assuming you already "like" it - invite a bunch of your friends to "like" it too. And then post to your page about how the campaign rocks and how folks can get involved IRL.

Today also marks exactly one month until Power Shift 2013 - and we're offering a special discount code JUST TODAY! Tickets are $50 (the same as the early bird price - you save $15, and you'll save $30 compared to when the price goes up on Saturday). So to reward yourself after inviting your friends--if you haven't registered yet - Register here with the special code: "DOUBLEDOWN". 

If you'd like to help your campus double thier facebook page, we also have a "friend-raising toolkit" and outreach idea checklist that can help. Check out these resources here. On one of our prep calls we also went over meme-making for beginners - check out the tutorial here.

Power Shift Designer Dylan Petroholis also worked up some sweet meme templates you can use to spread the word today! Just go into or another photo editor and sketch in the name of your college in the blue box, and then post it to your campaign's facebook page! 

Example - from friends at Divest Central Michigan University! (<- "LIKE" their page to cheer 'em on!)

And here's another great meme from friends at Divest CMU:

Over 40 campuses are signed up to participate in Divestment Double Down Day. And we're psyched to partner with our friends at, Fossil Free, Responsible Endowments Coalition, and the SIerra Student Coaltion to support all the groups that are participating! If we can be a hand today, please drop an email to [email protected]