August 16, 2012

TODAY: Tar Sands Blockade Social Media Day of Action

TransCanada has begun construction on the southern segment of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, and Tar Sands Blockade has planned a social media day of action.

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Hashtags:  #noKXL #ClimateSOS #tarsands


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BREAKING: TransCanada met by @KXLBlockade protest at start of Keystone XL south construction. PICS: #noKXL #ClimateSOS

BREAKING: TransCanada begins construction on southern Keystone XL. Follow @KXLBlockade for updates: #noKXL

BREAKING: Keystone XL South construction is underway. But so is resistance, courtesy of @KXLBlockade: #noKXL

TransCanada tried to keep Keystone XL South construction quiet. Our movement won't let them. @KXLBlockade is on site: #noKXL

THIS is what it means when @KXLBlockade says ‘Dont Mess With Texas’ Keystone South construction begins w/protest: #noKXL

TransCanada wants a dirty #tarsands pipeline built across Texas. @KXLBlockade wants it stopped. Which side are you on?

#Tarsands pipelines mean more spills & climate-cooking CO2. @KXLBlockade means resistance to business as usual. #noKXL

It’s Texans vs. Tar Sands. Which side are you on? #noKXL

Hey TransCanada, how many times do we have to say it? #noKXL: not in Texas, or Nebraska, or Canada, or anywhere. No.



TransCanada has begun construction of the southern Keystone XL in Oklahoma and Texas. They tried to keep it quiet, but the Tar Sands Blockade is there to greet them.

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