September 18, 2012

VIDEO: Visual Adrenaline from Tar Sands Blockade

Recently the Tar Sands Blockade campaign in Texas has seen first-hand that when ordinary people unite we have the power to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. In the last several weeks we've delayed construction on this toxic pipeline for 2 entire days -- we did it all with good ole fashioned people power. Lets keep the momentum going! We need more people to rise up and help defend our homes.

Stopping Keystone XL construction is only possible when a team of volunteers step forward to help. When you sign up to join an action you'll meet other passionate blockade volunteers and receive hands-on trainings to empower you as part of the team.

Sign up today to join our next action. 

Each action requires a variety of different roles, from those blockaders who risk arrest, to those who ensure they have enough water on a hot day. Everyone has something to contribute to the team. We've already had hundreds of people sign up to join a movement big enough to realize our collective vision of a tar sands free world.