October 26, 2012

We Broke the Climate Silence!

President Obama just addressed the climate crisis live on MTV to thousands of young voters — WE BROKE THE #CLIMATESILENCE!!

We still have a lot of work to do — we need candidates to not only break the silence, but to stand up to fossil fuels and advance bold climate solutions.

Below is a statement from Energy Action Coalition Executive Director Maura Cowley:

After hearing from thousands of young voters, we were glad that President Obama finally broke his silence on climate, which is one of the most important issues to young voters. President Obama acknowledged that “we’re not moving fast enough to address the climate crisis,” and we couldn’t agree more.

The climate crisis is a top issue for the youth vote because we have the most to lose if we don’t address it, and want to see more investment in creating a clean energy economy. Thousands of young voters are turning out to demand climate action this election—in fact over 10,000 have joined the PowerVote campaign to demonstrate that climate is their top priority. This election, and the climate crisis, are about our future, and we’ll continue to demand leadership from candidates on this issue, up to and through Election Day.