August 26, 2011

Young Inspiration!

For all those brave souls risking arrest in DC for these two weeks, this is just a little something to let you know that we are not alone in our fight to stop the Tar Sands, or the only ones protesting a pipeline that would transport its filth. Here is a ten-year-old First Nations girl from British Columbia named Ta'Kaiya Blaney singing an original song about her love of her native land, especially the coast, and how she would be utterly appalled if proposed twin pipelines were to link Tar Sands oil from its origin to the northern BC coast ( Does this not give you chills to hear? This is so moving! If you agree, please share it with those who maybe need a bit of inspiration in their lives, for with the gift of the internet I find it hard not to be constantly inspired :) I really hope you all who are partaking in this fantastic action know how much those of us who can't are pulling for you- you're all my heroes right now. I'll see some of you at the (totally legal :) rally a week from tomorrow! LET'S KICK SOME CORPORATE ASS!

Mad love,