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Bank of America = Bank of Coal

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I pledge to stop doing business with Bank of America unless they stop financing the dirty coal industry.
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Bank of America is the #1 financier of the coal industry AND the #1 forecloser on American homes.

On Wednesday May 9th, Bank of America will be holding its annual shareholder meeting in Charlotte, NC. We'll be there with the 99% Power coalition and our partners at the Rainforest Action Network to deliver an unmistakeable message to BofA and Fossil Fool CEO Brian Moynihan, and we need you with us.

Students and young people make up a significant chunk of Bank of America's business. It is our responsibility to show them that young people everywhere stand stand alongside those whose communities and health are threatened by the coal mining and burning that BofA funds.

We're just a few hundred signatures away from our goal of 3,000 young people pledging to move their money. Add your name now to amplify the powerful chorus of voices demanding that BofA end its funding of dirty coal and global climate change.

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