Building the Green Economy

Spread the word about the solutionary work that's transforming our communities!

Our generation faces huge challenges: a failing jobs market, record inequality, and the growing threat of catastrophic climate change. But our generation also has the solutions to address all these challenges at once.

From coast-to-coast, innovative young leaders are organizing across issue lines to build the green economy as an engine for local opportunity, climate and energy solutions, and social justice.

This summer, young people are gathering in communities across the nation to dedicate their summers to creating a more clean, just and prosperous future. They are pulling together the resources and people to set up organizations, projects and campaigns to make a tangible impact in the world and create a model for others to build on.

We will not wait for our elected officials to act — a new wing of the movement is developing; one focused on solutions, social entrepreneurship, and creative tactics. These young people are pioneering solutions and programs in their communities, and blazing a trail for the country to follow.