Environmental Justice/Anti-Oppression

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are awful reminders that the climate crisis is not an abstract issue to be faced by future generations—it’s happening right now, and it’s devastating communities and taking lives. With fossil-fuel industry puppets in charge of the government, that means it’s up to us to defend those under attack.

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Youth leaders on the frontlines of climate change are stepping up to share their stories! Their authentic and bold narratives are critical in telling the story of our struggles and building support for our campaigns. When individuals or communities develop their own narrative and share their own story, it can move people to take positive action. [ Read More... ]

Although climate change will transform the face of the planet, our socio-economic systems ensure people of color have been affected first and will continue to be hit the worst. Luckily, our communities also have the solutions.

By Makayla Comas

Both of my homes are under attack.

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An introduction to a resource bank that we hope will help us move a little bit closer to realizing our dream of a just and sustainable future for our movements and the world.

By Eddie Junsay, Eva Malis, and Charlie Jiang

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