Moving Beyond Dirty Energy

Join us again tomorrow at 90 Jacobs Rd., Minisink, NY at 7am and throughout the day. This is a family friendly event. Children and dogs are encouraged and can remain on the neighboring property owners' land if safety requires it. Call me at 570-269-9589 if you need help finding us. For additional updates, photos, and video, check out the Stop the Minisink Compressior Station page on Facebook.

After 16 months of fighting through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the small community of Minisink NY, including many 9/11 first responders, came together this morning to block the construction of a compressor station that will service the Millenium natural gas pipeline.

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Rafael Hurtado is a student at University of Illinois- Chicago, majoring in Criminology and Urban Planning and Public Affairs. He has been a life-long resident of Little Village, and has been involved with Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) on and off since high school. When a bunch of us were in Chicago for the Power Vote training in August, Rafa gave us a version of the Community Asset Toxic Tour he gives of his neighborhood as part of LVEJO's efforts to educate people about environmental justice and the harmful effects of polluting industries in Little Village.

When I spoke with Rafa last week, he had been busy preparing a press release for Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's announcement the next day of redevelopment plans for Midwest Generation’s Fisk and Crawford coal plants. Fisk and Crawford, located in Pilsen and Little Village respectively, have been recently taken offline after years of collaborative local efforts to shut them down. Rafa took the time to explain how he got involved with LVEJO and talk about LVEJO's Urban Land Campaign (which includes both Open Space and Urban Garden campaigns) and Clean Power Campaign, including some important developments.

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