Yesterday I sat next to $6 million dollars. I was so close to the money I could smell it.

Yup, that's right. I sat next to nearly $6 million worth of Big Oil and Baron Von Gas bribes and could smell the stink of its corruption. I was at the US House Subcommittee on Energy and Power, whose members collectively have taken $5,972,328.38* from oil and gas companies. Myself and 10 other citizens sat in on a hearing about Keystone XL (again), and when we called foul on their dirty plays, we made them sweat. Let me tell you, Big Oil B.O. is pretty offensive.

Last week when KXL was rejected, Big Oil panicked, and being frightened, it launched an all out offensive to grapple at straws. The American Petroleum Institute's new nauseating "Vote 4 Energy" ad campaign is being pushed in key election states, and API president Jack Gerard has started to use more threatening language against the president. Big Oil's friends in Congress introduced a series of heinous new bills in an effort to keep KXL alive.

One such bill is H.R. 3548 sponsored by Lee Terry of Nebraska. It would direct the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to issue a permit for the pipeline within 30 days after receiving an application. Yesterday it was its hearing.

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On September 26th, more than 200 people crossed over a police barrier on Parliament Hill, making the Ottawa Tar Sands Action the largest civil disobedience in the Canadian climate movement. As an American student attending a Canadian University I found the day particularly exciting for several reasons, not least of which was the sense of international solidarity in this fight against TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

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