If you've ever turned on the TV and seen a charismatic, boyish, conservative looking man yelling at scientists in an animated fashion, there's a good chance it was Marc Morano.

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Rarely do we meet those who have made careers selling us lies. Consider the oddball doctors who took tobacco money to deny a link between cigarette smoking and cancer, or the handful of scientists who take oil and coal money to discredit global warming science, or the people who have done both.

Last week, students in Wisconsin and Michigan stepped up to such an opportunity when CFACT Campus, the student arm of a well-known cabal of fossil fuel apologists, hosted climate change denier Willie Soon at several campus events around the country.

Dr. Willie Soon is a Smithsonian Institution astrophysicist paid by Charles Koch, ExxonMobil, the American Petroleum Institute and coal utility Southern Company to write papers dismissing climate change, publish op-eds saying coal pollution won't affect our health, refute the seriousness of ocean acidification, and apparently anything else he can be paid to deny. Dr. Soon has misrepresented himself by repeatedly claiming affiliation with Harvard University and using his credentials as an astrophysicist to make people believe he's a climate expert, and he shows no sign of stopping. Indeed, he told students in Madison, "I am as as qualified as anyone on the planet on this topic."

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Earlier this month, a group of climate deniers called CFACT staged a “conference” as a direct response to the “radical and alarmist agenda of the leftist PowerShift movement” Featured speakers included Lord Monckton, Marc Morano, clean coal reps, energy lobbyists, etc. They claim that the conference was a huge success with less than a couple dozen people in attendance. CFATC writes, “The CFACT conference stands as the kickoff to our direct response to the dangerous agenda of PowerShift 2011…they want to return America to the standard of living we enjoyed in 1882. PowerShift’s platform is frightening. America cannot function on just wind, solar, and geothermal. The world economy will come crashing to its knees, and life as we know it will come to a screeching, green halt.”

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Ever wonder what keeps climate deniers awake at night? Turns out, it's you.

Last week, Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) held their first Truth 2 Power Conference in Cable, Wisconsin. The "conference" (based on the photos, there were at least a dozen students in attendance) was intended to be CFACT's "direct response to the dangerous agenda of Power Shift 2011".

The CFACT organizers are evidently terrified that Power Shift-ers are "ready to infiltrate our college campuses, to affect elections and to corrupt hearts and minds" as part if our nefarious plot to “return America to the standard of living we enjoyed in 1882.” We were unaware that wind and solar power enjoyed widespread deployment in the 1800's, but we'll take CFACT at its word.

CFACT describes itself as a student-run group on the “cutting edge of today’s environmental debate”, but unsurprisingly, it turns out they are just another corporate-funded wing of the climate-denying polluter machine, backed by the likes of ExxonMobil and Koch Industries.

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