Florida International University

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When FIU climate activist David Cordero and four other student activists called out Florida Senator Marco Rubio for taking nearly $300,000 in campaign contributions from dirty energy corporations in a meeting with Rubio’s staff on Wednesday, I guess you could say we should have expected the response.

A group of five activists from Students for Environmental Action at FIU met with the Senator’s staff on Wednesday as the Senator’s constituents, to express their concerns about Marco Rubio’s climate change denial and his loyalty to the dirty energy industry. Of course, we were prepared for Rubio’s staff to defend his connections to dirty energy, but definitely not to deny them. When we brought this up, Rubio’s staff basically shrugged away our points, claiming that we should do better research and check our sources before we make claims about his campaign contributions.

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Cross-posted from the Southern Energy Network blog.

Young people from Florida International University held an “Oil Spill Black Out” action this Friday to mark the second anniversary of the tragic BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Young people and community members gathered to remember the victims of the oil spill by taking personal pledges to reduce their oil consumption and to demand that we end our nation's addiction to oil.

Since the disaster two years ago, the oil that persists in the Gulf continues to threaten the Gulf Coast communities and ecosystems. Out of this disaster, there is an opportunity to transition Florida, and our country to an economy powered by clean, safe energy. At the campus, the activists called for President Obama and Congress to make clean energy a priority now.

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