An introduction to a resource bank that we hope will help us move a little bit closer to realizing our dream of a just and sustainable future for our movements and the world.

By Eddie Junsay, Eva Malis, and Charlie Jiang

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This year's Power Shift integrated intersectionality and environmental justice into its framework through anti-oppression trainings, frontline panels, and sessions on social justice.

Student's and activists learned how to connect the dots between capitalism and environmental degradation, were shown how health disparities are linked fracking and fossil fuel extraction, and (hopefully) took away practicable skills for addressing these environmental justice issues. (For just a taste of some of the take aways check out the storify!)

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So we are three day's into the Post-PowerShift blues. Whether you are still trying to catch up on REM sleep, addressing neglected coursework, or planning the next steps for you campus and community groups, you are undoubtedly still thinking about your time in Pittsburgh.

Perhaps you are recalling moments of solidarity such as standing with the Artic30 during day two of the keynotes.

116 Twitter photographs: #powershift #arctic30

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