Keystone XL

Across the nation, youth and communities have been saying what we rarely ever get to say: Thank you.

Thank you for not giving into the overwhelming pressures from Big Oil. Thank you for considering the people as the force to be reckoned with. Thank you for making room to take bold energy steps. Thank you, Obama, for the Keystone XL delay.

But this thank you came with promises to keep working toward clean, renewable sources of energy, and to continue fighting for the full rejection of the pipeline. While no one conceeeds that this is a full victory, they are acknowledging the fortitude it took to issue the delay.

This was a clear message by folks all over the US that Americans will continue to support the Administration's moves to in the right direction. That they will continue to create opportunities for an Administration that puts people before dirty corporations.

Tough decisions take hard work, and the many thank yous recognized that, but also gave a firm, unmistakable message: you must continue to do the right thing.

Take a look at a handful of thank yous that are streaming in, then take one of your group and share it with the world!

Earlham College - Richmond, IN

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How did we convince the President to delay of the Keystone XL pipeline? Pure people power. Reflecting back on this huge win I'm reminded of events like Midwest Power Shift in Cleveland, Ohio that tipped the balace on Obama's political calculus. This video highlights some of the most thrilling moments from that action. 

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Reposted from The Green Umbrella on November 25th:

This Thanksgiving, our grassroots movement has a lot to be thankful for. It’s been a particularly invigorating past few weeks, with Obama’s rejection of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline plan followed by the cancellation of the DRBC hearing this past Monday, November 21st. Obama's "NO" speaks for itself, and since the Delaware River Basin Commission tends only to hold a vote when they feel certain they can pass it, the cancellation of this hearing is a big win for us right now.

Despite this high, the DRBC is only required to give a 10-day notice of a new date for the hearing. Now it's been cancelled twice and while it seems likely that it won’t be rescheduled in the immediate future, there’s no telling. We need to be ready to mobilize, and we're preparing for that -- the cancellation of the hearing didn't stop the non-violent direction action training that had been scheduled for the night of the 20th from moving forward. The energy harnessed in preparation for the hearing was transfused into educating folks about non-violent direction action. On top of that, a rally was still held the following day in Trenton, NJ, where the DRBC hearing would have taken place.

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There are many things to be thankful for this time of year, but above all we are thankful for you, and the leadership you have shown.

From Power Shift to Occupy Wall Street, we are seeing the resurgence of a youth-driven movement that has the power, ambition, and creativity to take back our country from the forces of corporate greed. And if anything is clear, it’s that you are at the forefront of this movement, and this is only the beginning.

For us, there is no better example of what this movement is capable of than your victory in the fight against Keystone XL. Thanks to your work, President Obama delayed (and likely killed) the pipeline that, back in August, was considered a done deal.

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We’ve made history. Yesterday, the Obama administration announced they would delay the decision on the Keystone XL pipeline until its environmental impacts have been re-reviewed. This means a 12-18 month delay that most are projecting will effectively kill the project.

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Some people say I have a gambling problem. No, its not that I go and lose hundreds of dollars in casinos, but rather I take too many lofty risks based mostly on hope. An example of this is when I dropped out of school in 2007 to go and work for then Senator Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign. As an African-American male, leaving behind a full scholarship at one of America’s most prestigious private universities wasn’t received well by anyone. In fact, there was even some campaign staff that didn’t think it was a good idea. But I took a risk because for the first time ever, I felt I could make a difference because a politician believed in my generation and me.

Fast-forward four years later, and many young people and black people have started to wonder if President Obama will keep true to candidate Obama promises and rhetoric. Admittedly, I was one of those critics, but after yesterday’s State Department decision to reassess the Keystone XL pipeline; I feel the tide shifting dramatically. When I started at the Sierra Club in May, I was told about this lofty goal to organize young people to try and stop this pipeline and I thought that will be extremely difficult before the end of year. Nonetheless, in August, the Sierra Student Coalition gathered its top 50 youth leaders in St. Louis, MO to talk about our work for the upcoming semester, and there our “Stop Keystone” youth campaign was launched.

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