696 Today I had to choose between going to vote or $20 and to be honest, I hesitated.

Technically speaking my choice was actually between a mandatory event at my campus or going to vote, as both fall into my only 2 hour span of free time, but only one is going to charge me for lack of attendance.

I can practically feel your judgement leaking through the computer screen, so before you think too poorly of me rest assured that my desire for representation outweighed my desire for extra grocery money.

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© Javier Sierra / Sierra Student Coalition members met with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson at Howard University in October 2011.

"We ask with great urgency that the University of Kentucky be a leader and move away from the combustion of coal on campus."

Those are the words of Elaine Alvey (watch her in this Lexington TV news clip), a University of Kentucky student, to the school’s board of trustees this week. She is one of many UK students taking a stand against burning coal on campus, and one of thousands of college students nationwide leading the charge against the dirty coal industry and for a clean energy future.

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