At the beginning of the summer I had the fortune of attending an environmental organizing training program in northern Washington. One evening after dinner I sat around a table with a group of peers and fellow organizers and spoke about the meaning of our work, what impacts we really have on other peoples lives and how those impacts are tied to power. As soon as the word “power” came up, the group of young people I sat with became very engaged in the conversation.

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Memoirs of a Canvasser

August 9, 2011

I hope all you readers are enjoying August, wherever you may be spending it! I’ve been soaking up this mild Oregon weather wholeheartedly and have managed to pair my Summer of Solutions work with lots of berry eating, hiking, and wild road trips.

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Hey folks!

This morning, the Eugene SoS Team is going to be joining the Eugene Tree Foundation for a restoration party. This will look like:

  • weed Amazon creek
  • remove invasive plants
  • mulch young trees planted along the bank
  • repeat

This is going to help protect the creek and the local watershed by restoring some of the natural wildlife and eliminating the conditions for e.coli growth.

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