Tar Sands Blockade

323 Shoddy KXL South Pipeline Connects Communities United in Opposition to Tar Sands

The highly anticipated startup of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline has not deterred impacted residents from beginning a new chapter in advocating for the safety and integrity of their homes, communities, and natural spaces. Following years of entanglement with multinational pipeline corporation TransCanada and no support from elected officials, residents stretching from Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast have been meeting to discuss how the tar sands pipeline has shaped how they relate to their communities and the political geographies of the pipeline.

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At Bonnaroo, the nation’s biggest music festival, a new wave of organizing set-off to call on President Obama to reject the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

And it couldn’t have been happening at a more important time: just this last Tuesday President Obama addressed Keystone XL in his climate speech, saying that Keystone XL must be rejected if it “significantly exacerbates climate change.”

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Last night, I received this email from my friend Ethan Nuss who is an organizer with the Tar Sands Blockade and spent the day in jail (on his birthday no less) after disrupting a TransCanada executive's presentation at a tar sands conference by locking himself to the projector. Please read his letter and join the Stop Tar Sands Profiteers Week of Action!

Howdy friends,

You might be wondering how I’m sending an email from jail. I’m not, at least not literally; I entrusted a friend to hit the “send” button for me.

You might also be wondering why I’m in jail.

I was arrested today because I interrupted a TransCanada exec’s speech at a tar sands marketing conference. I locked myself to the projector and told a ballroom full of tar sands profiteers that Keystone XL is a toxic investment.

I told them that I would not watch silently as TransCanada bullies the honest, hardworking folks of East Texas in order to pump some of the most toxic stuff on the planet through their front yards. Nor will I be silent as they send those poisons to Houston’s toxic East End where Latino children whom I’ve met suffer abnormally high rates of respiratory illness and are literally dying in the shadow of the refineries.

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Guest post by Eric Moll

A few weeks ago I was arrested for locking myself to Keystone XL heavy machinery and helping stop construction for most of the day. I had never done direct action before, but at Tar Sands Blockade’s last Mass Action and training camp, I got the skills and legal knowledge to take action. I invite you to join our next Mass Action and Training Camp in Southeast Texas, January 3-8th.

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The aftershock of Hurricane Sandy is still being felt on the East Coast, its the hottest year on record, and families most affected by climate change are increasingly bearing the brunt of dirty energy extraction.

The acceleration of tar sands exploitation from Keystone XL is dangerously hurdling us toward an unstable future. We need immediate action to address the climate crisis now.

TransCanada's construction crews are quickly clear-cutting through our homes and forests in East Texas and we must continue to rapidly escalate if we are going to stop this toxic pipeline. We invite you to join us in Nacogdoches, Texas on Monday, November 19th for our next mass action to stop Keystone XL. 

Sign up now to join the Mass Action to Stop Keystone XL -- Monday, November, 19th


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