University of New Hampshire

Written by: Fiona Gettinger, Fiona is a Sophmore at the Univerisity of New Hampshire majoring in Environmental Conservation Studies, she is also a campus coordinator with the Greenpeace Student Network and the President of the Student Environmental Action Coalition.

It’s been a rough week for University of New Hampshire President Mark Huddleston, and the UNH Student Environmental Action Coalition could be to blame for that.  Three months into our campaign to get our institution to divest from fossil fuel companies, we received an official statement from the administration saying that divestment isn’t a “practical or feasible option”. Two weeks ago, we decided it was time for action. So, this past week we've been turning up the heat, starting with this opinion piece released on Tuesday. On Thursday, forty of us marched into the President's office to deliver over a thousand petition signatures from the student body in support of our campaign.

We asked President Huddleston and the UNH Foundation to consider the possibility of divesting our endowment from the fossil fuel companies that are destroying our planet. Thousands of students across the nation support this campaign for socially and environmentally responsible investments. We asked that he and the Foundation look into the research, in particular the Mercer Climate Change Scenarios – Implications for Strategic Asset Allocation Report which we presented with the petitions. This report and many others like it, agree on the huge financial impact global warming will have over the next few decades, though they were obviously not considered before the UNH Foundation rejected the possibility of divestment.

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