Moving Beyond Dirty Energy

Pipelines are the superhighways for toxic oil spills and carbon emissions. They cut through tribal lands, farm country, and treasured landscapes, threatening our health, water, and livelihoods with every mile. From extraction to emissions, the oil industry prioritizes profits over people.

The movement to stop dirty pipelines and keep fossil fuels in the ground has seen some major victories in the last year, thanks to relentless organizing, incredible people power, and the leadership of Indigenous people and other frontline communities. In December 2016, the Army Corps of Engineers listened to Indigenous water protectors' demands and denied the final permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline. And after years of organizing and keeping the pressure on, President Obama finally rejected the Keystone XL pipeline in November 2015

But especially with President Trump about to take office, the fight against these pipelines—and against the whole fossil fuel industry—is still far from over.

Young people across the country are organizing to stop other dirty oil and gas infrastructure and set an economic, cultural, and political precedent that says we can no longer be written off by corporations as a disposable generation.

Stopping pipelines is the first step in building the just, clean energy future we know is possible.

With bold actions, coordinated solidiarity, and local organizing in each of our communities, we're building a movement to stop tar sands, the Bakken oilfields, and all other dangerous forms of oil extraction at the source—and keep all fossil fuels in the ground.

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We Are Here: Join Pipeline Resistance Digital Town Halls

We’re facing uncharted territory as a movement, but I’m more sure than ever that taking on fossil fuel projects at the local level are a critical part of our path forward. These projects are physical assaults on our communities, and as such, the resistance to them is also deeply rooted in our local sense of place and community, wherever we are. That’s why we're facilitating 12 digital town halls between November 30 and December 15. Plug in and plan what's next for our movement!




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On Sunday, December 4, the water protectors at Standing Rock and their allies achieved a historic victory: the Army Corps of Engineers just denied the final permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline to drill under the Missouri River.

It shouldn’t have taken months. It shouldn’t have taken the sacrifices it did. It shouldn’t be something we have to fight for at all. But fight we did—and against odds that cynics said we could never overcome, we’re claiming this victory.

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On November 15, tens of thousands of you took to the streets at hundreds of actions from California to Ireland to say #NoDAPL.

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859 The Dakota Access Pipeline is covered in the filthy fingerprints of half a dozen corporate oil giants, but the biggest and ugliest are those of Enbridge. Enbridge Energy Inc., a Canadian mega-corporation, recently purchased a 28% share in the pipeline from Energy Transfer Partners, making them the largest single financial contributor to the project’s bottom line.

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