Chevron Is Guilty

Guest post from Linda Capato, Change Chevron campaign organizer with Rainforest Action Network

Chevron Is GuiltyAfter an 18-year battle, Chevron was found guilty of dumping 18.5 billion gallons of toxic oil waste in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Yes, I said BILLION. Over a 26-year period, Chevron, formerly Texaco, deliberately dumped crude oil and oil waste into the rainforest of Ecuador and it has tried desperately to evade the responsibility ever since. But on Monday the company was dealt a blow, marking a major milestone for corporate accountability.

A court in Ecuador found Chevron guilty and ordered it to pay over 8 billion dollars worth of damages to begin remediation efforts. This settlement will go to clean up the oil contamination left behind and to fund health care as well as a number of other services needed in the Lago Agrio region of Ecuador.Rural and Indigenous communities in Ecuador stood up against the oil giant almost two decades ago, after the oil began to poison their families. This court case is not only important to the communities in Ecuador who’ve suffered and waited for this decision while their families and homeland were destroyed, but also important to the world. It is the first time Indigenous peoples have sued a multinational corporation in the country where the crime was committed and won.

Throughout the case, Chevron has vowed to not pay anything to the impacted communities of Ecuador, and instead have invested tens of millions launching PR and legal finger pointing campaigns. Even now, despite a court finding it guilty, Chevron is promising to appeal the decision as long as possible to evade justice.

This April, we’ll all embark on an adventure of a lifetime and head to Washington, DC to meet thousands of activists from across the country at Power Shift. Think of it, if every single student at Power Shift uses their power like the thousands of courageous people in Ecuador who saw the devastation that Chevron left and took action, we could finally begin to see the change in the world we want. From their small community in the Amazon, they stood up against a multi-national corporate giant and won.

Now it’s our turn to stand up with them.

Now is our call to action to pressure Chevron. We need to send a message that we are still watching, and we’re standing with the Amazon. Go to and send a message to the CEO of Chevron to push him to finally make good on its 18 year toxic legacy.

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