Power Shift-ers Take Demands Back Home in Briefcases

A week ago thousands of Power Shift-ers stormed Capitol Hill and demanded bold action to secure our future. We showed congress what “democracy looks like” and demonstrated how our organizing is working to create a 100% clean and equitable energy economy.

A week later we are back home and so is Congress. Our elected officials will be in our home districts until this Friday so we have a great opportunity to continue to organize and demand that our elected officials follow our lead. This couldn’t come at a more critical time.

Youth unemployment rates rival that of the Great Depression, and it’s particularly pronounced for communities of color. Our generation is ready to get to work in the new green economy and we’re launching into a new wave of grassroots action to get us there.

So far over 25 Power Shift teams have already signed up to visit their elected officials’ offices this Wednesday, April 27th as part of the Briefcase Brigades. We’ll be showing up to say, “Where are the jobs? Stop giving handouts to Big Polluters making record profits and shift that money into clean energy jobs for our generation.

See the Briefcase Brigades in action at Power Shift 2011 in this video:

Hold your own Briefcase Brigade in your community. It’s easy! Get your Power Shift crew together and drop by your elected officials’ district office to demand they shift polluter handouts into clean energy jobs.

Here just a few highlights planned so far:

  • A coalition of students from Brandeis, UMass Boston, and Northeastern are taking public transit together then marching to their Representatives’ office.

  • The Skidmore College delegation is turning out a big group to their meeting on Wednesday in New York.

  • Students with the FAMU Green Coalition in Florida are also mobilizing for a big event.

Keep the momentum going from Power Shift Lobby Day and host a Briefcase Brigade in your community this Wednesday, April 27th. All the tools you need are here. Be sure to take photos and video and share with [email protected]

Our generation has the solutions to the climate challenge and we are ready to do the work. Our vision converged last weekend at Power Shift 2011 and now we are back home, briefcases in hand, organizing as if our future depends on it.

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Check out this map to find a Briefcase Brigade near you: