President Obama Meets with Power Shift Youth Clean Energy Leaders

Today at the White House, President Obama met with twelve young leaders from across the country that are in town for Power Shift 2011, a youth clean energy and climate summit being attended by over 10,000 people.

The young leaders described the meeting as positive and expressed excitement about working with the Administration to transition America to 100% clean energy and protect the Clean Air Act.

President Barack Obama drops by a meeting with PowerShift Leaders in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, April 15, 2011. Seated next to President Obama are Nancy-Ann DeParle, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, and Jon Carson, Director of the Office of Public Engagement. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

"It was a real testament to President Obama's commitment to young people that he met with youth clean energy leaders today, said Courtney Hight, Co-Director, Energy Action Coalition. "We are thankful he fought to save the Clean Air Act. That's the man we elected and we need him to stand strong and stand up to big polluters and safeguard America's public health."

The young people expressed concerns with aspects of Obama's energy policy, particularly ongoing reliance on dirty energy sources like coal, nuclear, and natural gas. The young leaders also voiced concerns about continued subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

The President reminded the young leaders that they have the power to change this country. Grassroots organizing in communities and states will help move our nation on energy and climate.

“We're conducting the largest grassroots organizing training in history, to prepare young leaders to go back to their communities and lead, and we're calling on President Obama and Congress to join us in standing up to Big Polluters and creating a clean energy economy,” said Maura Cowley, Co-Director of Energy Action Coalition. "Young people know we need a clean energy policy not based on things that kill people, whether it's dirty coal or dangerous nuclear,” Cowley added.

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Maybe that's why the President has given attention regarding this act because the pressure is already mounting on his back, waiting for him to act upon this. Even though unemployment is the major problem of the state, still fighting for Clean Air Act must not be ignored and taken easily.

Amazing meeting! Shows the power of Energy Action Coalition to get the President's attention. So exciting. One thing: I haven't been aware of the President fighting to defend the Clean Air Act. He's been silent in the face of attacks on it, and until climate youth and other environmentalists went after him, his administration wouldn't even take it off the table in budget negotiations. We've got to keep up the pressure - it's getting results! Again, great job everyone. We can all be so proud of how far we've come.