The word is out: it's time to Make BP Pay

The word is out: it's time to Make BP Pay!

At Power Shift 2011 we flashmobbed a BP station to call attention to the Gulf and the mess that BP has left behind. Since then, flashmobs have been storming the country getting the word out, and building a national wave of demands to hold Big Oil accountable!

"The protesters called on President Obama and Congress, quote 'to make BP pay for their recklessness and shift dirty energy handouts to clean energy investments.'"

But it hasn't just been grassroots leaders demanding we hold Big Polluters accountable and shift Big Oil handouts to clean energy investments. Since the Power Shift 2011 Make Big Polluters Pay Rally & March we've seen President Obama step up the calls for shifting billions in subsidies to clean energy investments! We need to turn his words into action, and that's where the grassroots comes in. At Power Shift we saw that the grassroots can and is leading the way towards these clean energy solutions. With gas prices at record highs and discussion on shifting Big Oil handouts to clean energy investments, what can we do to turn this into a reality?

Check out President Obama's address from last week, and photos from flashmobs and rallies across the country to get some inspiration -- what do you see as next? Now is the time to lead.


Claremont, CA


Philadelphia, PA


Columbia, MO


Bard College, NY

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