#NoDAPL: Stopping Dakota Access & Enbridge

Power Shift Southeast says NO Dakota Access Pipeline
A #noDAPL solidarity rally in St. Paul, Minnesota (Credit: Fibonacci Blue)

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Demand that President Obama reject the Dakota Access pipeline once and for all. Add your name today!

The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline has been led by young people, from the Standing Rock Tribe youth who started off the summer by running over 1,200 miles from North Dakota to D.C. to personally deliver over 140,000 petitions to the White House, to the landowners in Iowa risking arrest to stop the pipeline companies from seizing their land.

We have the opportunity and obligation to redefine what we value as a society, and challenge the systems that have put profits over people and water for centuries. This fight is the product of so many kinds of violence, and a beautiful reminder of what happens when we face those overlapping structures of oppression and decisively renounce them.

Our generation’s future on this planet is under threat. That’s why we must stand united and determined in defense of the future we know is possible—a future that cannot include the Dakota Access Pipeline or the continued exploitation of our communities for the greed of crumbling oil empires.

The next few months will be pivotal—for the Standing Rock Reservation, for the indigenous people of this continent, and for the movement to end the exploitative and extractive industries that still see our future as disposable.

This toolkit is meant to inspire and enable you to find the best way to mobilize your campus and community as we join together in this historic moment.

In this toolkit:

Part 1: Immediate Actions

Educate Yourself

The history of oppression and violence against indigenous people in North America is, unfortunately, a long one. Only slightly shorter is the history of exploitation by oil empires. As allies, it is our responsibility to be proactive about educating ourselves. We are as much the descendants of those colonial conflicts as the brave people of the Great Sioux Nation putting themselves in harm’s way to stop this pipeline.

  • Dakota Access Pipeline Reading List: This short primer contains articles on the pipeline itself and the historical context for the #NoDAPL resistance, for allies who want to better understand the trauma and resilience of the communities on the front lines.

  • Landowners and local residents in Iowa have been actively opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline since 2015, and their campaigns are ramping up! You can find out more about their work here, here, and here.

Educate Others: Campus Awareness

Despite the how important and inspiring the fight against Dakota Access has become, most people still don’t know much about it.

  • Print and distribute this zine and this factsheet about the Dakota Access pipeline. Table outside your dining hall, campus center, dorms, or library—if the media won’t give this issue the coverage it deserves, we will.

  • Use this stencil to create #NoDAPL patches from old t-shirts, Goodwill sheets, and other fabric scraps, and this art doc to create images like those on the front lines

  • Collect signatures for this petition, or modify the language to collect signatures asking a local member of Congress to add their voice to the resistance

  • Have a house party to educate, discuss, and raise money for the #NoDAPL fight

  • Modify this social media language to continue raising awareness, or write to your school and city newspapers to spread awareness of what’s happening outside your immediate circle.

Support the Supply Drive

  • Check out this list of supplies, and set up a donation center on campus.

  • Mail them to:

    Oceti Sakowin Camp
    P.O. Box 298
    Cannon Ball, North Dakota, 58528

  • Or send them in a carpool headed to Standing Rock!


Power Shift Southeast says NO Dakota Access Pipeline
Protect our water for our children's future (and our present)! (Credit: Oceti Sakowin Youth)

Part 2: Stand In Solidarity

Students #StandingWithStandingRock

The Oceti Sakowin, Sacred Stones and Red Warrior camps will remain active in North Dakota until the pipeline is cancelled, and they are prepared to stay through the winter. Now more than ever, it is important that we as allies continue to support and uplift the ongoing resistance there by showing up in person to stand with them—literally.

  • Organize a group to visit the camp: Does your school have a long weekend? Are there other schools in your area? Arrange a carpool to North Dakota to spend a few days helping out at the camps! Look into campus resources like outdoor club equipment, campus vans, and travel funds, and mobilize your community to visit Sacred Stone. Click here to organize a trip from your area to Standing Rock!

  • Education & Preparation: Before you go, it’s important to acknowledge and embrace that you’ll be in a space framed by indigenous culture and leadership. Host an evening event before your departure to discuss this reading list and these guidelines to ensure all participants in your trip are culturally aware, respectful, and informed. If you are planning to participate in nonviolent direct action (NVDA) on the front lines, arrange a NVDA training beforehand.

  • Gear: It is very cold in North Dakota, so make sure everyone is prepared with winter sleeping bags, 4 season tents, and plenty of warm clothes. The more self-sufficient you can be, the more resources will be available to sustain the camp, so bring enough food to offset what you eat, and preferably, give more than you take.

Move Your Elected Officials

The Obama Administration has the authority to revoke the permits for the Dakota Access pipeline, but they will only do so if we make it clear that they have no alternative. A growing list of members of Congress have come out in opposition to the pipeline. You can pressure your elected representatives to #StandWithStandingRock and demand Obama halt this project.

  • Sign this petition demanding that President Obama reject the pipeline once and for all. 

  • You can also call the White House at at (202) 456-1111 to demand that Obama reject the permits for the pipeline, and send Department of Justice observers to North Dakota to make sure that water protectors' rights are respected by local law enforcement.

  • Set up a time to meet with your Senator or Representative, deliver your petition, and demand they release a public statement in solidarity with the Standing Rock Tribe.

  • Check back soon—we’ll be publishing an outline in the coming weeks to help you plan your meeting, make your ask, and connect it to local pipeline issues!

  • Remember to cover your meeting on social media, and publicize any statements you get!

Power Shift Southeast says NO Dakota Access Pipeline
Power Shift Southeast stood in solidarity with Standing Rock

Part 3: Bring It Home

We can stand in solidarity with the front lines by taking on the corporations responsible for Dakota Access in our communities.

Enbridge Energy, a Canadian mega-corporation, owns the largest single share of the pipeline, but they also own a crumbling but pervasive network of other oil pipelines that run from Alberta, Canada, and the Bakken, North Dakota, through much of the Midwest and East Coast. Defeating the DAPL means defeating the corporations who own it, so we will erode Enbridge’s capacity, financial resources, and social legitimacy, and ultimately prove to the Administration that Enbridge should not receive permits for their operations based on their malpractices, disregard for climate science, violence, and lack of financial stability in the inevitable clean energy economy.

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Demand that President Obama reject the Dakota Access pipeline once and for all. Add your name today!

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