Power Shift 2011

       Last week, 10,000 young
    leaders converged on DC to stand up for our future. 

Today, Make BP Pay flashmobs are happening across the country! Check the map and add an action in your town.

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April 15 - 18

Washington DC

The word is out: it's time to Make BP Pay

The word is out: it's time to Make BP Pay!

At Power Shift 2011 we flashmobbed a BP station to call attention to the Gulf and the mess that BP has left behind. Since then, flashmobs have been storming the country getting the word out, and building a national wave of demands to hold Big Oil accountable!

"The protesters called on President Obama and Congress, quote 'to make BP pay for their recklessness and shift dirty energy handouts to clean energy investments.'"

But it hasn't just been grassroots leaders demanding we hold Big Polluters accountable and shift Big Oil handouts to clean energy investments. Since the Power Shift 2011 Make Big Polluters Pay Rally & March we've seen President Obama step up the calls for shifting billions in subsidies to clean energy investments! We need to turn his words into action, and that's where the grassroots comes in. At Power Shift we saw that the grassroots can and is leading the way towards these clean energy solutions. With gas prices at record highs and discussion on shifting Big Oil handouts to clean energy investments, what can we do to turn this into a reality?

Check out President Obama's address from last week, and photos from flashmobs and rallies across the country to get some inspiration -- what do you see as next? Now is the time to lead.

Power Shift-ers Take Demands Back Home in Briefcases

A week ago thousands of Power Shift-ers stormed Capitol Hill and demanded bold action to secure our future. We showed congress what “democracy looks like” and demonstrated how our organizing is working to create a 100% clean and equitable energy economy.

A week later we are back home and so is Congress. Our elected officials will be in our home districts until this Friday so we have a great opportunity to continue to organize and demand that our elected officials follow our lead. This couldn’t come at a more critical time.

Youth unemployment rates rival that of the Great Depression, and it’s particularly pronounced for communities of color. Our generation is ready to get to work in the new green economy and we’re launching into a new wave of grassroots action to get us there.

So far over 25 Power Shift teams have already signed up to visit their elected officials’ offices this Wednesday, April 27th as part of the Briefcase Brigades. We’ll be showing up to say, “Where are the jobs? Stop giving handouts to Big Polluters making record profits and shift that money into clean energy jobs for our generation.

See the Briefcase Brigades in action at Power Shift 2011 in this video:

Happening Now: Actions against BP being taken across the country

As you may know, today is the one-year anniversary of the BP Gulf Disaster on the Deepwater Horizon. Over the past year, we've watched the effects of the spill ravage the Gulf destroying entire ecosystems, making people ill, and ruin livelihoods of fishermen.

People across the country are taking action against BP. Here's a quick roundup of just some of what's going on:

Organize a Flashmob to Make BP Pay

Today marks one year since the BP Drilling Disaster began — BP still hasn’t cleaned up its mess, the Gulf is suffering, and BP continues to get away with tax dodging.

Cherri FoytlinAt Power Shift we heard from Cherri Foytlin, a Gulf Coast resident that just completed an incredible walk from Louisiana to DC to call attention to the Gulf. Coming out of Power Shift we have incredible momentum, and hundreds have signed up to stand in solidarity. Read Cherri’s call to action below and join them.

Hey Power Shift,

This week, I came to Power Shift 2011 from 1,243 miles away. I know the exact number of miles, because I walked them.

I walked to DC to send a message to President Obama and Congress: it’s time to make BP pay and fully restore the Gulf Coast.

Today, the BP oil disaster has been going on for one full year. Oil continues to show up on our shores, families are still out of work, wildlife is still washing up dead, and we are facing a growing health crisis.

On Monday, I was one of 5,000 people who demanded that BP stops lying, stop dodging taxes, and pay what they owe to clean up and restore the Gulf Coast.

Please join me and spread this action nationwide with flashmobs today at BP stations across the country — just like the one that took over a Washington, DC BP station this Sunday.