Get to a training this summer!

Energy Action Coalition partners are hosting trainings across the country to build and strengthen the grassroots movement for a power shift. Find one in your region!

Sierra Student Coalition Sprog: A Training for Changemakers

All summer, All over the country

The SSC’s Sprog (short for Summer Program) has trained an incredible swath of the current leaders playing integral roles in the youth climate movement, and serves every year as a meeting place and social incubator for networks and coalitions of ambitious, passionate young activists.

This year, we are offering 6 programs across the country:

Pacific NW: June 24-July 1 (Camp Fife (Goose Prairie, WA)
Puerto Rico: July 3-10 (Parador Peniel (Adjuntas, PR)
Midwest: July 8-15 (Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
Rustbelt: July 14-22 (Prince William State Park (Triangle, VA)
Southeast: July 22-29 (Camp Cottaquila (Jacksonville, AL)
Southwest: August 5-12 (Foster Lodge (San Diego, CA)

Many of the program’s alumni reference Sprog as the formative experience that caused them to realize how possible it was to make real change in the world and commit their lives to advocating for the planet.

Are you interested in attending? Or know someone who should attend? Learn more & apply now at! Space is filling up!


July 29 - August 4, Lakona Harbor, NJ

August 18 - 24, Racine, WI

How would you change the world with one million dollars? What about $10 million, $100 million, or $1 billion? REC can help you discover the immense potential your school’s endowment holds - and then give you everything you need to make change happen on your campus!

Universities, as major institutional investors, are failing their communities by supporting the financial status quo in higher ed: maximizing profit over all social or environmental considerations; choosing high-risk, high-reward dealings; investing in highly complex financial instruments with little transparency; banking with Wall Street, instead of equally sound local community institutions; and choosing to not engage or influence the corporations in which they’re investing.

REC has the tools you need to shift the status quo. We invite you to join other students from around the country for a week-long training retreat to develop your knowledge about responsible investment and share strategies from across the movement! Our summer program is perfect for someone new to the responsible investment movement in higher education, or for someone looking to develop a strong campaign plan for next year. There is no previous experience or knowledge required.


August 2 - 5, Prince William Forest, VA

The Greenpeace Student Network provides trainings and resources to hundreds of youth environmental activists across the country who work on their campuses and in their communities to build power, develop leaders and campaign for Greenpeace.

We're bringing together 50 top students activists August 2nd - 5th to cabins in the woods of Virginia. Activists will learn from both Greenpeace volunteer, student and staff trainings.

Upon returning to their campuses and communtiies, participarnts will be equipped to make an impact saving the climate.


Summer of Solutions is a two-month training program through hands-on green economy action in the local community. Summer of Solutions programs have already begun, but particular programs might welcome extra involvement. Reach out to a local program by contacting them through Grand Aspirations.

Trainings range from program to program, but most include team-building, asset-mapping, community organizing, green economy workshops, social enterprise trainings, anti-oppression workshops, personal narrative and personal development, and concrete skills in fields such as energy efficiency, clean energy, farming, transit, job creation, green design, and more.

National Student Power Convergence

August 10 - 14, Columbus, Ohio

Where is the united U.S student movement? Last year we witnessed the youth of Chile, Egypt, Greece, Tunisia, and countless other countries fearlessly stand up to fight for their future. Now, the spark has spread through North America. Thousands upon thousands of young people have walked the streets of Quebec and Mexico City for the right to education and for authentic democracy. We are organizing this convergence because we believe our generation needs a similar movement in the United States. Our government has proven itself uninterested in improving the rampant inequality in U.S society. Our generation has witnessed poverty increase, unemployment spread, education deteriorate, and tuition rise. The cradle to prison pipeline is thriving, but we are falling behind in the number of college graduates. We are the most diverse, tech-savvy, educated, and progressive generation in American history, and yet we are the first generation that will likely have less opportunities than the generation before us.

We’re left with no choice but to fight for our future. And young Americans have already started to step up. From Wisconsin to Keystone XL, from Occupiers to DREAMers, we have made clear that we fight injustice wherever we find it. Now we must be the architects of a national youth movement. Only we can shape the world we inherit and the world we leave behind.

That’s why this August, youth organizers and leaders from across the country will converge in Columbus, Ohio. Together, we’ll go through two days of movement building training to learn from those who came before us and international youth leaders. Then we’ll go through two days of movement building strategy to learn from each other, build the foundation for an American youth movement, and decide how to move forward together.

No one else is going to do this for us. We must do it for ourselves. It will be people like you who determine the course of the conversation and what comes out of the convergence. We hope that you’ll join us.