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I was asked to submit this piece by the Northeast Pennsylvania Energy Journal, a pro-fracking magazine funded entirely by gas industry ads that's inserted in our local newspapers. The piece will be printed with an industry representative's counter argument that shale gas is good for Pennsylvania and the climate. From

Shale Gas: Not the Wise Choice for Pennsylvania

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The 2014 US Climate Action Report to the United Nations came out today. If you notice anyone celebrating how the US is going to meet the 2009 Copenhagen greenhouse gas emissions commitment, remember Barack Obama's fracking plan for electricity generation in 2020:

"Natural gas-fired plants account for 44 percent of capacity additions from 2012 through 2020 in the 2012 policy baseline scenario," from the report.

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75 Drilling down the road from Summit Elementary School, Butler County PA

Saturday morning and Monday afternoon, Pennsylvania community organizers led Power Shift attendees from Wisconsin, Kentucky, California, Colorado and more on a tour of shale gas fracking operations and related infrastructure north of Pittsburgh. Among others, we saw Shell, Exxon, and Chevron's shale gas operations.


81 Lawrence, Butler, and Beaver Counties were all covered by the shalefield tour.












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