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[Video by Frank Finan: Volunteer firefighters respond to the Chief Oil’s Phelps gas well explosion in Lathrop Township last night]

" home in northeastern PA, is not a place that I feel safe. No one should ever have to say that." - Kelly Finan

Susquehanna County, PA is under a major assault by the drilling industry. Yesterday, the Corbett Administration’s Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection authorized Cabot Oil and Gas to begin hydraulically fracturing again in Dimock at seven Marcellus Shale wells that were drilled but not stimulated with "fracking" in 2010. From the Scranton Times:

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The suffering of Riverdale Mobile Home Park residents in Jersey Shore, PA has been met with indifference by Aqua America, the company partnered with Penn Virginia Resources (PVR) that plans to build a three million gallon per day water withdrawal site at the property to service natural gas drilling beginning June 1st.

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JERSEY SHORE, PA - On Wednesday March 28 at 6pm, residents of the Riverdale Mobile Home Village will hold a town hall meeting and vigil to save their homes from eviction by a Marcellus shale drilling water provider. The address is 205 Riverdale Lane Jersey Shore Pa. 17740.

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