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How do we get to 100% clean energy? At Mosaic, we believe the fastest way is to allow more people to participate in building the clean energy economy.

In the video above, produced by Mosaic’s good friends at Green For All, we lay out our vision for a future of abundant clean energy, for and by the people.

Until recently, there were good reasons why almost all of us were energy consumers, rather than energy producers. We didn’t have good alternatives to fossil fuels and so we were hamstrung: concerned about the environment, our communities, and our children's futures, but unable to do much more than change our light bulbs. We had little choice but to rely on a system in which only the biggest players—those who could blow the top off of a mountain or finance a billion dollar power plant—could profit from the world’s biggest industry.

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Yesterday’s State of the Union address could go down as a watershed moment in America’s transition to a clean energy economy. Two years ago, the president wouldn’t mention climate change. Last night, he spoke honestly about the issue to 40 million people and vowed that if “Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.” The question is: Just what can President Obama do, and what will it mean for our economy and energy system?

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Your Making Good

February 10, 2012

Just days left to make a gift of $10 and get your advance copy of Making GoodWe may not have met each other, but we have something big in common. You and I both see clearly the challenges we face — as a people, as a planet.

Like you, I believe we can heal our planet and create a million good green jobs that sustainably provide critical goods and services — like safe water, good food, decent housing, and clean energy.

In two weeks, I’m publishing a book that makes the case that we can get jobs that do good. For a limited time you have a chance to get a FREE advance copy just for making a $10 gift today. Click here right now to donate $10 to Energy Action Coalition and we’ll ship you your own copy of Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money & Community in a Changing World to your door.

As a co-founder and the first coordinator of Energy Action Coalition, I’m proud of the work we’ve already done to build the clean energy economy and create green jobs:

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