Rob Friedman

Organization: Natural Resources Defense Council
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Interest Area: Building Political Power

Rob Friedman's Posts

Most people know that carbon dioxide is a dangerous climate change causing pollutant. What they don’t know is that there has never been a federal limit on carbon pollution from power plants, meaning they have been given a free pass to recklessly pollute our atmosphere. That’s all about to change. Just yesterday, the EPA introduced draft standards on carbon emissions from existing power plants. This is an incredibly important step (of many!) to solve the climate crisis.

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Despite widespread consensus that climate change is happening and being made worse by humans, fossil fuel companies continue to profit from recklessly emitting greenhouse gases. How to stop this industry run amok that puts our entire planet in jeopardy?

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Big scary question: What’s your vision for the future of the planet? I think about mine a lot. I come at my work from many different angles, but my primary focus and interest is on building a future that looks like a lot like an ecosystem. In a healthy ecosystem, plants, animals, fungi and other organisms work together and rely on each other for survival regardless of their species or preferred communication style.

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